Why should you get a professional logo?

May 29, 2016

Your logo is a very important aspect of your business' identity.


It is the first impression that your business gives to your potential customers and is a way to make your clients feel that your business is trust-worthy and reliable. It is a crucial aspect to your business' styling and yet it is a seriously under-rated design job with many people under the assumption that the process should take 2 minutes. So why should you get a professional logo? Read on for a few ideas on how a professional logo will benefit your business.



Your logo will be remembered


A professional logo design is easily recognisable and distinctively memorable. If customers don't remember your logo chances are they won't recall your business which will make it difficult for them to look your business up again or refer you to others. Whatever type of logo you have, a professional designer can help you make sure the logo is impressive so customers can remember it.


Your logo affects all your visual branding


Your logo dictates what the rest of your marketing material, web presence and packaging will look like. It is the start of your company's styling. A badly designed logo will impact your visual branding and make your business look unprofessional. An unappealing visual brand is likely to have a negative effect for your business and can put a stop to the growth of your company.


Your logo is more than just a picture


Many people do not understand the importance of a logo. It is not just a picture and some text that reads your business name but rather a graphic that represents what your business is about. It is more or less the face of your business and sends a message straight away about your business. Without the right training and experience it is difficult to create a logo that encompasses this and which is why a professional logo design is so essential. 


Rob Kirby over a Mplans has some more reasons as to why your business should have a professional logo. Check it out here.



Why professional logo design does not cost $5.00


Pricing a logo can be difficult as each business requires something different, however it is safe to say it should not cost $5 nor, if you are serious about your business, should you get your logo via a design competition. The reasons for this is because a logo takes a long amount of time to craft. Research on both what your business is about, what the logo needs to represent and ideas to represent it needs to be completed. Time is then taken to create a variety of designs to give you a choice so you can find what you desire. From this step your logo will be modified to create your final logo. This last step might be repeated many times over. As you can imagine, this can make the process of a logo quite time consuming.


Jacob Cass over at Just Creative has some more reasons behind the cost of a professional logo. Check out the rest of the article over at Just Creative by clicking here.

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